Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles || al nehaya series in urdu

Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

Al Nihaya tv series In Urdu In This Post Episode 1
Al Nehaya Drama Best Seress Of The End Best Drama Al Nehaya For Islam In This Article Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles,

Episode 1 Best Start Al Nehaya  Urdu Subtitles By All Pak Turk Tv

Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles All Pak Turk TV

Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles
Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles
Al Nihaya In Urdu

The public debt administration-our terms of u heard associated with you know. Between us I'm saying based on the law. Otherwise-- Oh, Your Excellency, don't bring to mind the opposite. The history of this man but we... ...audit thoroughly. He was a clean man. Our agency made pen likely. On the outside, a clean man.

Al Nehaya Urdu Subtitles Episode 1

 But we human beings we are related to. This guy is a loan shark Georgia Master. I didn't know, Your Excellency. I really didn't know. We say these things to run umur saw a person... the state with manners, someone who has worked in the important duty. However, if you find someone that you meet these conditions, we will accept it. Will be as you ordered, Your Excellency. (Music) (Metal sound) (Music) (Banging on door) (Footsteps) (Sound of door opening) (Door creaking sound) (Door creaking sound) (Door closing sound) Sabahattin! I'm a pastor.

Al Nehaya Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Pak Turk

 -isn't called?-Who? Abdulhamid. -Where?-Palace. No. I gave you the logbook, in spite of he didn't invite me to the Palace? Go out. Saved him a lot of grief don't you realize that? You have to choose another way to enter the eye, general. (Sabah) I'm The Pastor Of. (Music - Voltage) I'm screwed. Abandoned for life in isolated places I ate. The governor burned me. Sabahattin I'm Screwed. I'm screwed. (Sound of door opening) Daddy. My beautiful daughter. Why you're in such a hurry, tell me what happened. I don't want to go turquoise from my sister's house. I want to stay with me. Please, dad. Your Excellency, forgive I couldn't again. Tell me dad, tell my sister Turquoise,

Al Nehaya Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

 stay with me here. Ever since that sad affair she doesn't want me going anywhere. Himself here, is in good hands I tried to explain that, but... ...stay, he insists. Go Daddy what is not, turquoise is my sister. So you wanna stay then leave. Yay! (Footsteps) Sultana,. Sadie Sultan. (Laughter) I am very happy. Mashallah. How nice to see a smile on your face. So why are you so happy? Turquoise my sister will always stay with me. My father has agreed to let. (Music - Voltage) For some reason,

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 I have no confidence I never Turquoise. I'll be watching you while you are staying here. Don't forget it. (Music - Voltage) (Door opening sound) (Door closing sound) My Prince. I'm very happy to see you here. I was worried about you. Your Excellency, we, And I'm so sorry I worried you. Mainly, I'm sorry on behalf of my mother. Did you put any pressure on us getting married I didn't know. I'm not offended the Sultan. She just a mother who wants her child's happiness. 

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